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True Colours

25th August 2015 by Martin Gibbons

By Far The Greatest Team actor and massive Red, David Judge, talks about facing the biggest challenge of his acting career – playing a Blue!

Receiving a call from my agent with an offer of work is, for a jobbing actor, an exciting time. To then be informed that the job is about football, more importantly, the greatest team ever, I was bursting with joy. Also to find out Ill be performing a stones throw away from the theatre of dreams at The Lowry theatre, I was in dreamland, and then…

I was cast as a City fan. I was awoke from my dream with a thud. The joy within was deflated. The excitement I was feeling was comparable to watching city in the 90s, dull.

Although as difficult as it may seem being a huge Man United fan, having to wear a city shirt and kiss the badge, supporting Man City is something I have done before. My Dad managed Man City ladies for a few years when I was younger and I may have been known to stand on the sidelines on a Sunday afternoon shouting ‘Come on Citeh’ …although I’m a lot older now and I can’t be sure.

In the end, choosing to take on this role didnt really concern me as the script is strong and SAM, the City fan I’m playing, is a ball of energy and I can’t wait for him to burst on to the stage.

One thing I can promise is that somehow, somewhere, I’ll be wearing something with United on under my costume…

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