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Supporting Once in a House on Fire

3rd November 2010 by Martin Gibbons

Monkeywood are thrilled to have had the support of Andrea Ashworth, her family and Women’s Worldwide Web, during the development of the script of Once in a House on Fire, based on Andrea’s original memoir.

On Sunday 31st October we were honoured to welcome Andrea’s sister, Sarah, and niece, Hannah, at our rehearsals for the Script in Hand preview performance at The Lowry. Hannah is working for Women’s Worldwide Web, the online forum of which her Aunt is Editor in Chief, and came to interview Monkeywood about our work on the new play.

“It was very surreal to have an actual character from the book standing before us, particularly as we rehearsed a scene featuring her own mother and sister. I was delighted when Sarah offered me some directorial feedback on how my character would behave in real life. We hope all of the family will be pleased with our final production of Once in a House on Fire when we open in March.” Monkeywood’s Francesca.

Watch this space for more news on Hannah’s blog…

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